Technical Community on Very Large Scale Integration Newsletter – Volume 8 Issue 2

Dr. Mondira Pant
Published 05/25/2022
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TCVLSI NewsletterWe’re excited to publish and share with the VLSI global community our Technical Community on Very Large Scale Integration (TCVLSI) Volume 8 Issue 2 newsletter, the sixth in my role as the IEEE-TCVLSI Chair.

The May 2022 TCVLSI newsletter features an invited article “The Future of Hardware Technologies for Computing: N3XT 3D MOSAIC, Illusion Scaleup, Co-Design” by Tathagata Srimani, Robert M. Radway, H.-S. Philip Wong and Subhasish Mitra (Stanford University), where the authors describe transformative NanoSystems (computing systems that exploit unique characteristics of emerging nanotechnologies) through synergistic innovations across multiple levels: N3XT 3D MOSAIC (material, device, integration technology), Illusion Scaleup (circuit, architecture), and Co-Design (technology, circuit, architecture, and application, targeting 100-1,000× benefits in system-level Energy Delay Product (EDP) vs. today’s approaches).

The newsletter spotlights one of TCVLSI’s sponsored conferences in 2022, the IEEE International Conference on VLSI Design also known as VLSID. One-page teasers of the three best papers awarded at the 2022 VLSID conference are showcased.

In the sixth edition of our Women in VLSI (WiV) series, we share an inspiring interview with Dr. Nevine Nassif, Senior Fellow at Intel Corporation. We have included a section on relevant recent announcements, collated by our Associate Editor, Ishan Thakkar. Thakkar. Additionally, we announce the winners of our 2021 TCVLSI awards.

I’d love to hear from the readers about what you would like to see in the subsequent newsletters. Feel free to provide any feedback/recommendations via email to me. Happy reading.