Standards in Computer Science: What, Why, & How

Join our IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board: Ask Me Anything (AMA)
IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 03/20/2024
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StandardsIf it wasn’t for industry standards, every engineer would be struggling significantly more to develop and implement new technology. Many of us who have worked in computing have had to reference one standard or another, and as the industry moves quicker every year, the need to develop new standards in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Privacy, and more become even more important.

But how do these standards get created? Who comes up with these? How do we know they are the most optimal?

Join us for a special presentation with the current IEEE Computer Society’s Standards Activities Board AMA to get your questions answered!

Learn more about the current topics the standards working groups are working on and the boards and committees addressing them here.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can follow open calls for participation on standards activities here. The page is updated regularly to include the most upcoming meetings.



Edward Au, Vice President for Standards Activities

Lynn Robert Carter, Vice Chair of the Standards Activities Board

Jonathan Goldberg, Manager of Operational Program Management at IEEE Standards Association

These three presenters will cover the IEEE Computer Society’s greatest standards achievements, why they are important, how the world benefits from standards, and how they are developed and open the floor to an “Ask Me Anything” session.



Date: 16 April

Time: 11am ET

Register and submit your question by 11 April for advance consideration.

  • Advance questions will be submitted to the moderator for consideration.