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IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 03/03/2022
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Become a Volunteer

MGAB volunteersWant to make the IEEE Computer Society better not just for you, but everyone? Consider volunteering with the IEEE Computer Society Membership & Geographic Activities Board (CS MGA Board). The CS MGA Board provides member development and member-related activities including:

  •   Member services;
  •   Programs to support our global network of chapters (including regional meetings);
  •   Student activities (e.g. scholarship program);
  •   And, initiatives for early career professionals, industry engagement, and diversity and inclusion.

As a volunteer, you’ll steer activities and programs for our 375,000+ engaged professionals and students from across the wide depth and breadth of fields in computer science and engineering.

Five reasons you should volunteer with us:

  •   Advance Your Field: Drive the evolution and growth of your technical area of expertise and interest.
  •   Make Connections: Network with and advise your peers from across the globe.
  •   Propel Your Career: Use your volunteer experience to enhance your entire professional skill set.
  •   Gratitude: Give back to the Computer Society and the greater computing community by volunteering your time, knowledge, and experience.
  •   Make an Impact: By volunteering, you make an everlasting impact on our goal of advancing technology for humanity.

Volunteering with the IEEE Computer Society is a doorway to new connections, opportunities, and skills. After retiring from my role as the Victorian Computer Society Chapter Chair, I joined the CS MGA Board taking on two roles, one involved supporting a handful of chapters, and the other was judging student awards. I moved across a range of positions within the CS MGA Board and today I serve as the Computer Society’s Vice President for Member Geographic Activities. In my role, I get to meet and support hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers from around the world; student leaders, young professionals, established academics, senior university administrators, and professionals in the industry, government, and civil society. I participate in strategic and governance work and have enjoyed and continue to enjoy serving alongside some of the best leaders and minds in the field.

-Andre Oboler, IEEE Computer Society Vice President, Member & Geographic Activities

Please complete the form below to let us know you are interested in volunteering to shape the present and future of the IEEE Computer Society in advancing its goals.

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About the IEEE Computer Society MGA Board

The CS MGA Board oversees the Society’s membership and global activities. This includes the 634 IEEE Computer Society chapters around the world, our scholarships, and awards to over 40 students each year, plus the CS MGA Board supports our students and early career professionals through our Student and Young Professional Committee. The MGA Board also provides professional recognition for hundreds of members across both academia and industry through the distinguished visitor and distinguished contributor programs and oversees a network of 23 Special Technical Communities focusing on emerging technologies. Getting involved with the CS MGA Board activities opens up a wide range of global volunteering opportunities and experiences.