Computer Society Member Benefit: Free IEEE DataPort Subscription

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 02/28/2024
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IEEE Data PortIEEE Computer Society members, did you know you have free access to IEEE DataPort?

IEEE DataPort is available to you as a benefit of your membership and is a resource for accessing, storing, and managing research data.

Here are a few ways IEEE DataPort benefits you.

  • Free Access: Your membership with the IEEE Computer Society grants you free access to IEEE DataPort. This means you can utilize the platform’s resources without any additional cost.
  • Secure Storage: IEEE DataPort provides a secure repository powered by Amazon Web Services. You can confidently store your research data, knowing that it is protected and accessible when you need it.
  • Accessible Datasets: IEEE DataPort hosts a wide range of datasets covering various topics and disciplines relevant to your research interests. Whether you’re studying AI, machine learning, or cloud computing, you can find datasets to support your work.
  • Comprehensive Management Tools: Manage your research data effectively with IEEE DataPort’s tools. You can create data management plans, track views and citations, and integrate your datasets with your scholarly work seamlessly.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with other researchers within the IEEE community through IEEE DataPort. You can collaborate on projects, participate in data competitions, and engage with dataset owners to exchange insights and ideas.


Getting Started

  1. Activate Your Membership Benefit: Log in to IEEE DataPort using your IEEE Computer Society member credentials to activate your free access.
  2. Upload Your Datasets: Share your research contributions with the global technical community by uploading your datasets to IEEE DataPort. This can help increase the visibility of your work and facilitate collaboration with other researchers.
  3. Utilize Platform Features: Explore the datasets available on IEEE DataPort and take advantage of the platform’s features to support your research endeavors.


Not a Member Yet? Join Today!

If you’re not already a member of the IEEE Computer Society, consider joining to access benefits like IEEE DataPort. Your membership provides opportunities for professional development, networking, and collaboration within the computing community.