LEVEL UP: Fostering a Unified Vision of Inclusive Computing Education

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 07/18/2023
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The field of computing has experienced immense growth and innovation, shaping every aspect of our lives. However, as it evolves, it faces challenges related to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in education. To tackle these issues, esteemed organizations like the IEEE Computer Society, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Computing Research Association (CRA) have come together to initiate a groundbreaking project called LEVEL UP. This collaborative effort aims to foster a united vision of inclusive undergraduate computing education through evidence-based best practices.


Empowering a Unified Vision

LEVEL UP is a pioneering initiative that aims to create a roadmap for undergraduate computing programs that promotes inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities for all students. A distinguished advisory board of computing educators and professionals from across the nation will lend their expertise, culminating in a comprehensive report of best practices that can be implemented in computing departments nationwide.


Your Voice Matters: Join a Regional Workshop

As LEVEL UP seeks to build consensus, your valuable insights are needed. If you possess knowledge or experience in recruiting computing students from underrepresented backgrounds, you’re invited to participate in a LEVEL UP regional workshop. These workshops will be held throughout the US from August 2023 through March 2024. You can contribute to shaping evidence-based best practices to pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive computing community.

  • Washington, DC: August 7-8, 2023 (Mon-Tues)
  • Atlanta, GA: September 18-19, 2023 (Mon-Tues)
  • Chicago, IL: October 19-20th, 2023 (Thurs-Fri)
  • Boston, MA: November 28-29, 2023 (Tues-Wed)
  • Denver, CO: January 16-17, 2024 (Tues-Wed)
  • Portland, OR: March 19-20, 2024 (Tues-Wed)


Inspirational Keynotes and Working Groups

Each regional workshop promises to be a vibrant platform for collaborative discussions. The events will feature an inspiring keynote address by individuals who have contributed significantly to reshaping the face of computing. For instance, the first workshop in Washington, D.C., will host Carla E. Brodley, the Dean of Inclusive Computing and the Founding Executive Director of the Center for Inclusive Computing at Northeastern University.

Additionally, the workshops will convene seven working groups, each focused on one of computing’s major challenges. From managing booming enrollments while preserving diversity efforts to increasing domestic PhD enrollments and fostering AI systems’ diversity and inclusion, these groups will work together to explore practical solutions.


Working Groups


A Collective Endeavor: LEVEL UP Partnerships

LEVEL UP isn’t a solitary undertaking; it is a testament to the power of collective efforts. Apart from the IEEE Computer Society, ACM, and CRA, this initiative enjoys support from several National Science Foundation (NSF) Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) Alliances. These include AccessComputing, Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions, CRA-Widening Participation, Expanding Computing Education Pathways, Institute for African-American Mentoring in Computing Sciences, LEAP Alliance, National Center for Women and Information Technology, and STARS Computing Corps.


“LEVEL UP” Your Institution

As a call to action, all universities and colleges are encouraged to “LEVEL UP” and adopt best practices that promote diversity and inclusion in computing education. By staying connected with the LEVEL UP website, educators, researchers, and students can keep abreast of the latest developments and actively participate in creating a brighter and more equitable future for computing education.


Get Involved

The LEVEL UP project represents a momentous stride towards fostering inclusive computing education. By drawing on the collective expertise of leading organizations, educators, and professionals, this collaborative effort promises to transform computing programs nationwide, ensuring that all students feel welcome and thrive. Through regional workshops, inspiring keynotes, and dedicated working groups, LEVEL UP paves the way for a more diverse, equitable, and accessible computing community. Together, let us “LEVEL UP” and embrace a future where computing education knows no bounds.