Candidate Slate for the 2021 Election

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 06/18/2021
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Candidate Slate for the 2021 election

At their 15 June meeting, the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors approved the candidate slate for the 2021 election.

2022 President-Elect (2023 President)
Nita Patel                   Dimitrios Serpanos

2022 First Vice President
David Lomet              Riccardo Mariani

2022 Second Vice President
David S. Ebert           Ramalatha Marimuthu

2022-2024 Terms on the Board of Governors
Saurabh Bagchi
Song Guo
Charles Hansen
Michael G. (Mike) Hinchey
Harold Javid
Carlos Jimenez-Gomez
John Johnson
Joaquim Armando Pires Jorge
Daniel Katz
Rick Kazman
Shixia Liu
Abraham (Avi) Mendelson
Cyril Onwubiko
Xian-He Sun

For each elective office of the Computer Society, individual voting members eligible to vote in the election may nominate candidates by written petition provided such nominations are made at least 28 days before the first published day of the 2021 election. The number of signatures required on a member petition is determined in accordance with IEEE Bylaws. Any member who wishes to seek elected office via member petition should contact for more information.

The 2021 Computer Society election will begin on Monday, 16 August and end on Monday, 20 September at 12PM EDT. Information about the election will be soon available on


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