TCMVL Award Recipients Announced

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 06/19/2023
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TCMVL 2023 AwardsDuring the IEEE International Symposium on Multi-Valued Logic (ISMVL2023) in Matsue, Japan, the IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Community on Multiple-Valued Logic (TCMVL) honored and recognized two researchers for their exceptional contributions and advancements.

The TCMVL awards represent the pinnacle of recognition within this technical community. Each year, distinguished individuals are honored for their outstanding contributions to multiple-value logic research, education, and application. The awards recognize excellence in three distinct categories:

  • Kenneth C. Smith Early Career Award in Microelectronics: Named in honor of Kenneth C. Smith, a pioneer in the field of microelectronics, this award recognizes the remarkable achievements of early-career researchers who have made significant contributions to the area of multiple-value logic. It celebrates their innovative ideas, groundbreaking research, and potential to become future leaders in the field.
  • Long Term Contribution Award: This prestigious award honors individuals who have made sustained and substantial contributions to advancing multiple-value logic over an extended period. It recognizes their enduring dedication, influential body of work, and profound impact on developing and applying multiple-value logic systems.


2023 Award Recipients

  • Kenneth C. Smith Early Career Award in Microelectronics: Takashi Hirayama for contributions to reversible logic circuits
  • Long Term Contribution Award: Rolf Drechsler



TCMVL is dedicated to advancing the theory, design, and application of multiple-value logic systems. Multiple-value logic represents an extension beyond the traditional binary logic, which operates solely on two discrete states, typically expressed as 0 and 1. By introducing additional logic states, such as 2, 3, or even more, multiple-value logic offers a more expressive framework for handling complex information and decision-making processes.

The TCMVL serves as a platform for researchers, engineers, and enthusiasts to collaborate, exchange ideas, and drive innovation in this specialized area of computer science. Its members come from diverse backgrounds, including academia, industry, and government sectors, and share a common passion for exploring the intricacies of multiple-value logic systems.