Get Involved with These 2021 Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer leadership is vital - join a board or community.
IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 01/15/2021
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There’s never been a better time to volunteer with the IEEE Computer Society!

Interested in becoming a part of our ever-growing global network and connecting with over 225,000 community members? Joining a board or community is the perfect way to not only network with, but become an active and dedicated volunteer and decision-maker of the IEEE Computer Society.

Although our world has become more virtual than ever, there are just as many opportunities to advance your field, make connections, and propel your career through computing volunteer opportunities.

Explore a variety of ways to get involved today – make a true difference in your field and career.


Run a Publication

Our volunteers are essential in the creation and distribution of IEEE Computer Society publications. From reviewing content to becoming an author (explore our peer-review process), here are a variety of publication-focused leadership opportunities available for volunteers:

  • Review magazine or journal articles
  • Join a publication’s editorial board
  • Lead a publication as an Editor in Chief
  • Become an author or contributor

Discover publications today and access research by the world’s greatest minds on computing.


Organize a Conference

The IEEE Computer Society hosts and sponsors 200+ conferences and events annually, and our volunteers help execute vital aspects of these conferences. Get involved with our conferences:

  • Join a community or board to help ensure the quality of our robust conference portfolio
  • Review technical program papers or organizing panels
  • Explore service opportunities, including helping with conference publicity, finances, or local arrangements

Explore technology’s top list for computing and computer science conferences featuring academic, technical, and industry leaders.


Sustain Local Chapters

IEEE Computer Society professional chapters connect you to an international network of peers and other computing professionals at the industry’s highest levels. Get involved with local chapters:

  • Plan networking events on behalf of a professional or student chapter
  • Become a Distinguished Speaker

Engage with local chapters to virtually learn, connect, and engage with like-minded professionals.


Promote Membership

An IEEE Computer Society membership allows students, professionals, and beyond to thrive and be a part of the world’s foremost association of computing leaders driving the future of technology. Our volunteers will encourage their friends and colleagues to join, as well as:

  • Review student scholarship applications
  • Help generate and carry out membership growth and development strategies

Nominate a colleague for their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to computing.


Join a Community

Join an international network of professionals creating the latest advances in software, security, AI, hardware, systems, and high-performance computing. Technical Communities help advance 31 technical disciplines, and TC members:

  • Rise to the top of computer science by engaging with our volunteer community
  • Gather and become global leaders in their communities

Build volunteer communities with IEEE Computer Society Technical Communities.


Participate in Leadership

One of our most engaging volunteer opportunities can be found among our leadership roles. You can get the most out of your membership by:

  • Volunteering from 1 to 3 years in a leadership role
  • Provide policy guidance to program boards and communities
  • Review the performance of the organization to ensure compliance with its policy directions

Learn how our leadership positions work to drive the Computer Society forward and see how you can become involved.


There are many opportunities to volunteer, get involved, and help shape the future of computer science and engineering, your profession, and your career! Don’t wait, explore all available IEEE Computer Society open volunteer positions today.


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