The Journey of 2020 – Leila De Floriani

2020: A Journey of Discovery, Challenges, and Opportunity
Leila De Floriani
Published 09/09/2020
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IEEE Computer Society president, Leila De Floriani, addresses 2020, which truly has been and continues to be a journey of discovery, challenges, and opportunity.

This year has brought surprises and unexpected challenges, including smart working, limited travel, and experiencing much uncertainty about what the future will look like. Simultaneously, it has allowed us to discover the nature of ourselves, our communities, our leaders, and our world in meaningful new ways.

At the IEEE Computer Society, it has highlighted the importance of understanding our members’ needs through identifying various opportunities and adjusting priorities.

Join Leila as she discusses how the global impact of COVID-19 has influenced the Computer Society, from virtual conferences to increasing diversity and inclusion, and beyond.




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