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Published 02/08/2022
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Listen to Immigrant Computer Scientists Podcast

Immigrant Computer Scientists PodcastImmigrants have played a crucial role in the United States’ dominance in science and higher education, from scientific breakthroughs to new inventions. While America continues to lead in new technology, more than 75% of the people behind these advancements are foreign-born scientists. Sharing a passion for STEM, each of these individuals has a unique story of their journey of emigrating from their home country.

In 2021 Indranil “Indy” Gupta set out to capture the stories of one particular group of STEM professionals, computer scientists. His podcast, Immigrant Computer Scientists, was created to be a compendium of the oral histories of leading professionals from the computing community. Though many topics include computer science and engineering, each episode explores universal experiences in life, education, entrepreneurship, and overcoming challenges.

Due to its diverse audience of listeners, including those from a non-technical or non-computing background, Indy has compiled a list of resources to further learning in computer science, STEM, immigration, and diversity.

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