Indy Gupta
Published 10/13/2021
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Rodrigo Fonseca Interview“There are these key moments that could’ve changed things so significantly…”
“Last year of high school I was an exchange student to the US.”
– Rodrigo Fonseca (Principal Microsoft Researcher, former tenured professor at Brown University)

Hurray, the last episode of our Brazil segment!

He stood first among 42K students in Brazil’s entrance exam, and then he chose Architecture (the buildings kind, not the Computer kind)! Then he became a… Computer Science Professor! Got tenure, then left for Microsoft Research.

Are you still undecided between a career in academia and industry? Then this episode will have many tidbits and advice for you!

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from 15 September to 15 October 2021. This podcast is celebrating it by featuring the above 3 Latin/Hispanic Computer Scientists in Episodes 5-8.

The guide for this episode and more information about the three narrators is available at the podcast website:


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