Indy Gupta
Published 09/16/2021
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Immigrant Computer Scientists Podcast Ep. 4“I wrote all criteria that can lead me to making a decision… ranked them… and at that point of time I threw all that away because I knew what I wanted.”  – Dejan Milojicic, giving his “algorithm” for making tough choices/tough decisions.

Episode 4! The fourth and final installment of the Yugoslavia segment of the podcast.  Moonlighting in Yugoslavia 1980s tech sector, managing family with kids doing his PhD in Europe, dealing with plans that never work out… Dejan’s four lessons from life, and much more! Full interview with Dejan Milojicic, Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs, and IEEE Fellow.

Part 4 of 4 parts in the Yugoslavia segment of this podcast.

The guide for this episode, and more information about the three narrators is available at the podcast website:  


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