Indy Gupta
Published 01/05/2022
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Immigrant Computer Scientists PodcastMay all your dreams be realized this year, and may you stay healthy!

In this week’s episode: Industry vs. Academia. Four Computer Scientists, who spent significant time as both faculty and in industry, talk about Industry vs. Academia. Many of you have gone through, or maybe going through, similar thoughts or dilemmas! Also, a fun comparison of the culture of the US East Coast. vs US West Coast.

Featuring: Rico Malvar (Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft), Dilma Da Silva (Prof Texas A&M), Rodrigo Fonseca (Principal Researcher, Microsoft), and Fadel Adib (Prof MIT).

Episode Link (with Episode Guide):

This is a “remix” episode featuring narrators from across Season 1 of the show.

The guide for this episode and more information are available on the podcast website.


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