Indy Gupta
Published 12/09/2021
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Immigrant Computer Scientists PodcastTime flies! The season finale of Season 1 is here! We have three true stories, all true and all anonymous. All three immigrants went through or are going through difficult experiences. Three immigrants: 1) An immigrant (non-Computer Scientist) from Afghanistan. 2) An immigrant Computer Scientist from a country unspecified, who was subject to US Visa “security clearance“. 3) An immigrant Computer Scientist from a country unspecified, and her story of growing up amid fog in her home country and immigrating to the US. Because all narrators are anonymous, the episode is narrated by host Indy Gupta.

Content Warning: While this episode has no explicit or graphic material, some of the stories may be mildly disturbing to listeners as they indicate estrangement from family and difficult circumstances due to various reasons including (but not limited to) immigration constraints.

Episode 15 (with Episode Guide):

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Season 2 starts in early 2022!

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