Indy Gupta
Published 11/11/2021
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Now to today’s bonus episode!

“I realized many of my friends in universities were refugees that had left Suez and had come to Alexandria.”
” I grew up in the 60s and we were very careful of what we said.”
“Egypt was part of Non-Aligned movement. … I personally benefited from it.“
“Computer Programming was viewed as a day job for women… it was societal. Women were 40% of CS students”
Amr El Abbadi, Professor of CS at UCSB. An immigrant from Egypt and Lebanon.

In Today’s Episode:

We talk to a Computer Scientist who is also a history buff! So, a lot of history from Egypt and Lebanon is woven into today’s episode!

Amr El Abbadi is a leader in the databases field. He grew up in Egypt in the 1960s and 70s, in a family filled with academics, historians, and poets, on both his Mom and Dad’s sides.

“I did not have the training to do research from my undergraduate.” From there, how did Amr become a world-class researcher?

Hear about all these, and Amr El Abbadi’s immigration journey and decades of advice for all.

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