What Can You Do with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science?

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 01/21/2022
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CS Master's DegreeAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science jobs are projected to grow 22%, adding over 660,000 positions by 2030. The technology landscape is evolving, and highly skilled professionals are in constant demand. Many jobs related to computer science require a level of expertise that cannot be achieved with a bachelor’s degree.

Furthering your education to receive a master’s degree in computer science could bolster your current career and put you in line for more prominent senior roles in the industry.

Continue reading to find out about the many benefits and career opportunities that come with earning a computer science master’s degree.



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Benefits of a Computer Science Master’s Degree

The growth of the industry and the need for more computer scientists are just a few of the reasons to work towards earning your master’s degree. Investing more time into your education can be beneficial in various ways highlighted below.


Specialized Expertise

A computer science degree will no doubt afford you many job opportunities and a quality salary. However, earning a master’s degree in Computer Science can make you even more appealing to potential employers and provide you with a higher salary to match.

Specializing will help you learn all the necessary skills for your specific job and give you an edge over other job applicants.


Higher Income

Earning a computer science master’s degree could earn you a 26% higher salary than a bachelor’s degree. Taking the time and money to obtain a master’s degree shows employers you are committed to your career and focused on doing the best you can in your particular field.


More Job Opportunities

Thousands of jobs get added to the computer science industry every year, but not all jobs remain open to just anyone with a degree. A master’s degree will open up specific high-paying and more specialized trades, allowing you to advance your career significantly.


Careers to Pursue with a Computer Science Master’s Degree

A master’s degree allows you to focus on a variety of specialized positions within the realm of computer science. Below are a few jobs to consider when deciding about continuing your education.


Computer and Information Research Scientist

A computer and information research scientist can earn an annual salary of around $126,830. Their job entails designing and creating new ways to approach computing technology and discovering innovative ways to use existing technology. They work with algorithms, solve complex problems, and create new computer architecture to improve network efficiency.


Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects work to enhance and maintain communication systems for both smaller local networks and larger next-gen capable cloud-based infrastructures. The median pay for a computer network architect is about $116,780 annually.


Software Developer

Software developers use their creative abilities to analyze the needs of the organization they work for and create computer programs to meet those needs. They continually test, upgrade, and collaborate with others to ensure the proper functioning of these programs. A yearly salary of $110,140 is average for a software developer.


Pursue Your Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Computer science jobs are growing year by year, and earning a master’s degree in the field will give you a competitive advantage in a variety of job opportunities. To learn more about the computer science industry, check out the IEEE Computer Society blog and subscribe to our newsletter.