How Much Should You Expect to Make with a CS Undergraduate Degree in 2022?

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 12/30/2021
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Computer Science student thinkingComputer science is a growing field that continues to be in high demand. The average salary for a computer scientist is nearly $82,000 a year. Despite many advancements in automation, qualified professionals working in computer science still get sought out by many companies.

Obtaining an undergraduate degree in CS could earn you a higher salary and a more favorable resume for potential employers.

Below are a few examples of the different jobs you can get with a CS undergraduate degree and the potential salary you could earn with it.



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CS Degree Salaries

A computer science undergraduate, or bachelor’s degree, will place you in a good position for a high-paying salary. The list of jobs related to a computer science degree is long, and each one has a salary to match. Examining just a few will give you a better picture of what you could earn with a CS degree.

It’s important to remember that what you make will vary based on where you live, the company you work for, and your responsibilities. Also, some positions offer better benefits than others. What follows reflects average salaries for different positions in the United States.

Computer Engineer

The average annual salary for a computer engineer is $52,158. Engineers work to design and build hardware and software programs for computers. In addition, they study and test the functionality of how various coding languages work together with the programs they create.

Ethical Hacker

A computer science degree with specific certifications would qualify you to work as an ethical hacker. A job in this field could earn you a salary of around $90,000 a year. Ethical hackers test networks vulnerabilities to find the weak spots and help a company improve its cyber security.

Software Analyst

Working as a software analyst with a CS degree, you can earn about $71,062 annually. Your main job would include troubleshooting any software issues with the development team and the user to provide a smooth functioning user experience.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers earn an average salary of about $60,547 per year. As a computer programmer, you would write and test code to facilitate the proper functioning of programs designed by developers and engineers.

Software Engineer

Software engineers have a potential annual salary of $116,182. A software engineer works to design and develop software applications that can be used by businesses or for personal use. With the right experience and skills, this position can lead to management or executive roles within a technology company.

Higher Salaries with a CS Degree

The job market for people with computer science degrees is growing faster than the national average, making this an attractive option for people aiming for higher salaries. For example, computer and information research scientists can expect a growth in their job market of around 22% through 2030.

In addition, getting a computer science degree is beneficial to your present and future salary because:

  • You can increase the variety of jobs you qualify for. The digitization of core business systems necessitates software, hardware, cybersecurity, and networking solutions to keep businesses on the cutting edge. You can help them stay ahead of the curve with a CS degree.
  • It prepares you for future managerial positions. Whether it’s an IT manager, a system admin, or a Chief Information Officer, many jobs are easier to land with a CS degree.
  • You establish a solid foundation to change careers later on. A CS degree makes it easier to change your focus if you feel like you need a new challenge or want to boost your salary. Because you have a foundational knowledge of computers and software, it’s relatively easy to go from programming to cybersecurity, from computer engineering to machine learning, and so on.

Investing the time to earn a CS degree can open the door to a variety of jobs, including cyber security, software development, machine learning, and computer engineering. CS degree salaries vary depending on your experience level and the specific field you choose to enter, but these jobs can command some of the highest salaries in the market.