9 of the Best Project Ideas for ECE Students in Their Final Year

Anna Larsen
Published 04/01/2022
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final year projects for ece studentsNowadays, the appetite for strong development in technology has led to the demand for uniqueness and innovations. The demand has led to the development of various applications and ideas. Colleges offering ECE engineering allow the students to get the best project done for their final year so that they can recommend their profile to the top recruiters.

Colleges like IITs, NITs, Vellore Institute of technology, Arya College Jaipur Main Campus, College of Engineering Pune, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, and more focus on the final year projects for ECE engineering so that the students can get proper placement.

Proper knowledge and understanding of the latest electronics technologies are crucial to enhancing credibility and developing primary projects for ECE students. Here, we show you the best final-year projects you can use for your ECE engineering.



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1. Robotic vehicle controlled through touch screen-based device

This is the incredible final year project for ECE engineering used to design the robotic vehicle that can be utilized to control the android based device. The project also uses a robot, and based on the input here, the touchscreen-based device is utilized.

The project also has the use of RF Tx & Rx as well as a microcontroller. The touch screen device is connected at the end of Tx, whereas the microcontroller is connected to the rECEiver’s end. By utilizing the remote, the motor in any robot can be controlled left, forward, right, and backward to a distance of 200 meters.


2. Coal mine system for safety alerting and monitoring

The procedure to remove coal from the underground is recognized as coal mining, and different companies like steel, cement, and more use the fuel similar to coal. In the mining industries, distinct everyday parameters can also be monitored like methane gas, temperature, fire, etc.

The disasters in coal mining will often occur, leading to a massive loss for humans and humanity due to numerous reasons. Hence, monitoring the working environment is essential in coal mining, and the proposed project is utilized for coal mining with the help of IoT, the internet of things.


3. IoT-based home automation system

The Home automation system based on Internet of Things is another topic for final year projects for ECE engineering that is utilized to remotely control home appliances with the help of the Internet. The proposed system is not only used to examine the sensor data, including temperature, gas, and light but is also used to initiate a procedure based on the need.

For example, it turns on the light when it becomes dim. It is also utilized in storing the sensor’s parameters within the cloud appropriately, allowing the users to study and analyze the situation of various parameters in the house at any time and from any location.


4. Home automation for disabled persons using his voice tag

This is also one of the best final year projects for ECE engineering that implements a home automation system controlled via voice commands. This type of project is primarily designed for disabled, elderly, and bedridden people to utilize an Android application to control appliances. It is also because operating home appliances is challenging for the bedridden as well as the elderly, and this project will employ voice commands in conjunction with switches to control the home appliances.

In this case, an Android application is used to collect the voice commands from the users. The timer and effort required to control the appliances can be reduced using this incredible project.


5. IoT-based reduction of electricity theft

Nowadays, energy theft is the primary issue because it is highly precious, but the resources are limited as well as electricity theft is somehow increasing. Therefore, the proposed system is utilized to overcome the problem, like reducing electricity theft as per the Internet of Things technology.

The system is utilized to understand electricity theft as well as to check the utilization of energy while informing the customer. The system will use WiFi connectivity to implement the internet of things network. The data will be transferred to the remote server using the internet of things server, which will require some differences to utilize the electricity.


6. Propeller LED display

The propeller LED display utilizes some LEDs that rotate at a higher velocity to generate the screen. In the LED display system, the set of LEDs will be rotated so that symbols, numbers, as well as characters, can be circularly rotated, so this is the reason to call the system the LED display.

The shape of this LED display system is disc or cylindrical. The cylindrical displays are utilized to display the digit and text, whereas the disc-shaped displays are utilized to display the analog clock. This project is a mechanically scanned device used to display the characters in digital form. Therefore, the applications of these displays incorporate both digital and analog clocks and display messages.


7. Biometric fingerprint identification for bank locker security system

The project is utilized to provide security to all the bank lockers with the help of biometric fingerprint technology. This security system uses RFID, fingerprint, password, and GSM. This is one of the final year projects for ECE engineering where users are required to enroll their personal details like secret code, person’s name, and mobile number after the user will place their finger on the biometric module so that the system can scan the fingerprint and store the fingerprint ID.


8. IVRS-based home automation with voice feedback

One of the final year projects for ECE engineering is IVRS for home automation using voice feedback. This will implement the home automation system with voice feedback and IVRS. The project is also used to control household devices like fans, TV, tube lights from anywhere around the world, or Bluetooth technology.

The project is developed using dissimilar technologies alongside the dissimilar microcontrollers via hardware. The primary benefit of this project is that the user can rECEive voice feedback. Once the device gets turned on, users will rECEive a voice message on the mobile that states the AC is turned on. The owner will be reminded to turn it off if not in use.


9. Detecting air pollution in vehicles using an embedded system

This is the final year project for ECE engineering used to develop the embedded system to detect air pollution in vehicles. Air pollution is a primary issue worldwide, and to overcome this, the project is designed to detect the pollution within the air. It incorporates carbon monoxide and LPG sensors. The arrangement of CO sensors can be done as per the outlet of emission in the vehicle, whereas the LPG sensor is connected closer to the pipeline to notice the outflows. The buzzer will alert the user once the emission gets higher than the threshold value.

With how science and technology have evolved from all those years back, we can feel the changes around and with how creative and determined today’s youth is we believe the world can become a better place to live in.

The above-mentioned projects are just some of the ideas that you can use in your resume or portfolio. We hope you create and use them well, do not forget to study them thoroughly for a better presentation and expand the ocean of your knowledge. Understand them while you use them for your projects as these are just not projects but a step for you to create a developed world in the future.