These 7 Skills Will Get You Hired As A React Developer

Jamie Waltz
Published 01/20/2022
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React JS Developer SkillsReact comes as the leading JavaScript library for building app front-end. This well-equipped framework can run in the browser for website front-end and at the same time allows developers to create truly responsive web apps. On top of everything, React provides custom HTML code that is reusable across apps.

Naturally, React developers are in high demand for various web app projects across the niches. But to get the best career opportunity as a React developer, they must have a solid command of the following skills. If you want to get hired or planning to hire ReactJS developers you must be aware of these skills.



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Every front-end web developer is acquainted with the HTML and CSS languages. The React web app developers should have a solid command of crafting well-articulated user interfaces and user experience for websites and web apps by using HTML code and CSS script for design. React developers need to be able to do the following.

  • Code semantic HTML tags and use them
  • Code CSS selectors and use them appropriately
  • Deploy a CSS reset
  • Knowledge about the box model and solid know-how on resetting border-box
  • Knowledge of flexbox
  • Understanding and skills to deploy responsive web design principles
  • Using media queries properly in the app project



With the ReactJS framework, the developers generally do not make use of HTML properly. JSX or the extended code syntax comes actually as a crucial aspect of the ReactJS ecosystem. This JSX appearing much as HTML actually allows developers with just the knowledge of HTML and CSS.

JSX comes as a crucial attribute of the React library. This easy-to-use extended code syntax actually helps developers to do away with React.createElement() API, which is likely to add to the complications and scalability issues of the app projects. The best thing about the ease of learning this new syntax for web projects.


Command on JavaScript Fundamentals along with ES6

React is a JavaScript library and hence having a solid command of the fundamentals of the language along with ES6 skills is very important. Some of the critical areas to have commanded as a React developer include the following.

      • Variables and scope of use: Knowledge of the scope of data access through variables represent a crucial skill for the React developer. ES6, on the other hand, adds more power to variables through different keywords.
      • Array methods: First, developers should know how to store data and get access to this data within the arrays and objects. Secondly, they need to be skilled in manipulating this data by using Array methods.
      • DOM Manipulation and event handling: React uses JSX abstraction to pace up the process. This can be further speeded up through DOM manipulation. You also need to convert several different events to HTML elements like `on clicks,` `onchange,` `mouseenter,` etc.
      • JavaScript classes: The classes in JavaScript allows developers to incorporate template logic and even styles. As a React developer, you should be skilled enough to make use of these classes.



    Git is the most popular toolset for app developers across different skills and areas of expertise. Since React is a robust JavaScript library with reusable components, knowing to use the Git repositories to share code and other components with other developers is very important. Git allows React developers to share and update web app projects on various coding forums like GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket.

    Developers, through this toolkit, are able to execute a variety of tasks such as merging different strategies and dealing with conflicts, push and pull actions to interrogate code changes, etc. Some of the key skills corresponding to Git that React developers should have included the following.

    • Tracking modifications with comments.
    • Merging strategies and branching them suitably.
    • Handling merge conflicts.



    Redux comes as the state management library for ReactJS. It is another crucial skill for every React developer. This state management library actually helped React developers get rid of the problems they faced earlier with asynchronous React updates.

    For dealing with the difficulties corresponding to asynchronous React updates, the core React team brought this state management feature. To a great extent, it follows the same principles of immutability, and it behaves much like functional programming. But it is advisable not to consider this as the solution for all issues.

    Node and NPM package

    Are you thinking about why you need to learn NodeJS since it is a server-side technology? The NodeJS is versatile enough to fulfill the front-end or client-side development needs. The NPM package that comes with NodeJS can easily be extended to the React library. This is why having an awareness of the NodeJS and NPM packages is essential. It is more so because NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB database make one of the most popular technology stack called MERN.


    Must-know tools for React Developers

    Apart from all the above skills and areas of expertise, React developers should have express knowledge and command on some of the key development tools mentioned below.

    • Bitrise is the tool for development automation
    • Hockeyapp is the tool for reporting crashes, managing testers, and beta version distribution.
    • Redux is the tool for state management
    • ESLint is the tool for evaluating the code to comply with JavaScript
    • Jest is the testing tool for JavaScript code
    • The enzyme is a fully-fledged testing tool for React apps
    • NPM registry is the hosting tool for all software tools for the app project



    Hiring an experienced and expert React developer for your app project is never easy. However, if you choose to keep your focus fixed on the skills mentioned above, the evaluation process can be easier. Would-be React developers should also focus on these skills for fulfilling their career aspirations.