The 7 Best Jobs To Get With a Computer Science Degree

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 01/12/2022
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Computer Science graduate sitting at a computerAs a field, computer science has expanded significantly in the past decade. There are countless opportunities throughout computer science that can appeal to a very broad selection of students. Whether you’re looking for a high salary, a job that fulfills your passion, or a great work-life balance, there’s likely a career out there for you. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few potential computer science degree jobs.



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1. Software Development

Develop popular applications for business or recreational use. A software developer has an average base salary of around $73,000 a year. They may work in Python, C++, Java, or another popular programming language. Not only do they understand the intricacies of programming, but they also understand how to develop a product from start to finish. You can begin a career in software development by learning a programming language or taking a boot camp.


2. Mobile App Development

App development is a subset of software development that’s growing quite quickly. If you’ve ever wanted to develop your own app or mobile game, mobile app development might be the choice for you. Mobile app developers are well versed in iOS, Android, and other mobile environments. Average mobile app developer salaries are around $97,000 a year. You can begin your career in mobile app development by learning the intricacies of a mobile app development kit.


3. Research Scientists

Maybe you love information. According to the Bureau of Labor, the job outlook for research scientists is growing very quickly, with a 22% growth expected from 2020 to 2030. The median pay for a computer and information research scientist was $126,000, according to, so this is an opportunity to make a lot of money and do what you love. Of course, you’ll need a focus; begin your work as a research scientist by narrowing down your field of study.


4. Security Analysts

Security analysts are hired across every industry to ensure systems are properly secured. An entry-level security analyst may work with end-users to ensure their devices are secure, while a high-level security analyst may analyze complex systems such as banking systems. The average salary is just under $70,000 a year. Security analysts usually begin their career with work experience and Cisco, Microsoft, or CompTIA certifications.


5. Systems Architects

Do you want to build the systems that everyone uses? Do you want in-depth knowledge of computing technology and environments? Then you want to be a systems architect. Systems architects make a median of $155,000 a year because they’re highly experienced professionals. A systems architect usually begins as an entry-level systems analyst, with certificates from Microsoft and others.


6. AI Engineers

Artificial intelligence is everywhere today, which is why it makes sense that AI engineers can make up to $119,000. You can make even more if you level up to a machine learning engineer or a senior machine learning engineer. A machine learning AI engineer usually begins as a data scientist or a programmer, and there are boot camps that can help level you up.


7. Video Game Developers

Maybe you want to pursue your dream job in game design. In America, the average salary for a game developer is around $71,000. You’ll work long hours, but in the end, you’ll hopefully have a product you’re really proud of. Video game developers are programmers who focus on the principles of game design and development.

These are just some of the most popular jobs to get with a computer science degree. There are still network architects, penetration testers, quality assurance testers, database administrators, and more. If you have an interest, there’s likely a computer science job related to it!