Webinar: 5 soft skills every technical professional should develop

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 09/28/2021
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5 Soft Skills Every Technical Professional Should DevelopKathy Land is a former IEEE Computer Society President, with years of practical experience hiring and managing teams developing software and systems products. As a hiring manager, she quickly discovered an employee can be technically skilled, yet unable to communicate the most basic details to clients and fellow team members.


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It is critical that programmers have both hard skills (technical) and soft skills for the successful development and delivery of a product. In this webinar, Kathy Land provides actionable advice to computer science and engineering professionals, so that they may differentiate themselves and outperform a competitive pool of candidates when applying for a job.

Soft skills are in high demand. Learn from one of the Society’s leaders and her experience working in the software industry as a hiring manager.

Watch “The Fantastic Five, the 5 Soft Skills Every Technical Professional Should Develop.”