10 Career Mistakes to Avoid

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 09/30/2021
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10 career mistakesDuring high school and much of your college years, your parents most likely gave you career advice as you prepared to embark on your professional journey. Surely they would have told you to find a great company, focus on a specialty, and don’t change jobs unless you have another one lined up.


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While it is sound advice, times have changed. This is largely due to interconnectivity and a landscape that has changed drastically over the last two decades. Still, there are toxic professional behaviors, including actions and inactions, that may be hurting your career.

This webinar identifies what these behaviors look like, and gives you advice on how to set yourself apart as you create your career goals.

Continue watching this webinar, “10 Career Mistakes to Avoid,”  as Elsa Velasco Paul engages listeners in a foundational discussion, describing mistakes, what success looks like, careers, behaviors that are jeopardizing your career advancement, and how to avoid it.