Spread the Word about Your Research through Social Media

The IEEE Computer Society encourages its authors to post about their published work on social media.
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Promoting your published article on social media can improve the reach and discoverability of your research.

Rather than trying to include all the nuances of your research in a single tweet or post, think about how you can distill your research into a short takeaway message that will entice people to read your full article. Try the following techniques to craft the most effective social media message about your work:

  • Lead with the most exciting or interesting finding reported in your article to capture your reader’s attention. Can you tie your findings back to a provocative question or a compelling vision of the future?
  • Make your post relatable and understandable to a broad audience who may have less specialized knowledge of your particular field than you do.

Remember to tag relevant accounts and use hashtags:

  • Tag your co-authors; their networks will see your post and spread the word even further.
  • Mention the Computer Society (Twitter: @ComputerSociety, Facebook: @ieeecomputersociety, LinkedIn: @IEEE Computer Society).
  • Use #IEEECS to reach the Computer Society’s network.
  • Include one or two additional hashtags related to your article’s topic so interested readers outside of your personal network can find your post. Using a hashtag tool like hashtagify.me can be helpful.

Consider including an image or short video that synthesizes your work to catch the reader’s eye. You can find editable templates and imagery for your social media posts in the IEEE Social Media and Communications Toolkit for Authors.

Most importantly, include the link to your article on the Computer Society Digital Library so people can easily find it.