Cloud Continuum
Cloud Continuum encapsulates the growing adoption of cloud computing, the continuity of cloud innovations, the diversity of use cases for cloud, and the agility cloud brings to users.

VOL. 2 • NO. 2 • 2022

“In the last issue, I outlined the enormous breadth of the cloud–edge continuum, in terms of architecture paradigms and infrastructure, for both hardware and software. Because of this breadth, the networks that connect and integrate all the elements play a vital role. In a way, neither the edge nor the networks connecting it to data centers are new, whether mobile networks, the Internet, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), or other technologies. However, the edge’s importance is due to new business and has been increasing exponentially application drivers ranging from user expectations to smart cities and trends in technology and economics including digital, AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning), more potent cellular capabilities, and the cloud. These factors are driving many organizations to modernize their network to help establish better connectivity to the edge, with the right cost, performance, agility, scale, and security.”

– Mazin Yousif, Editor, Cloud Continuum



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VOL. 2 • NO. 1 • 2022: Edge-Cloud Computing

October – November 2021: Dispersed Computing