Zhi Jin

2019-2021 Distinguished Speaker
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Zhi Jin is a professor of Computer Science and the deputy director of Key Lab of High Confidence Software Technologies (MoE) at Peking University. Her research work is primarily concerned with requirements engineering and knowledge-based software engineering. Recently, she pays more attention to the modeling of self-adaptive systems. She has been principle investigator of over 15 national competitive grants including the chief scientist of a national basic research project (973 project) of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the project leader of three key projects of National Natural Science Foundation (NSF) of China and the project leader of key international collaborative project of NSF China. She is the co-author of four books and author/co-author over 150 journal and conference publications. Zhi is a Senior Member of IEEE and Fellow of China Computing Federation (CCF).

Zhi was the outstanding youth fund winner of NSF China in 2006 and distinguished young scholar of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001. She was awarded the Zhong Chuang Software Talent Award in 1998, and Scientific Chinese “the people in year 2017.” She was also awarded the Ministry of Education Award for Science and Technology Progress in 2013 and the CCF Award for Science and Technology Progress in 2018.

Zhi was the General Chair of IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference (2016), Program Co-chair of IEEE COMPSAC’11, General Co-Chair and Program Co-Chair of KSEM’10 and KSEM’09. She has served as associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering since Nov. 2018, and she is executive editor-in-chief of the Chinese Journal of Software. She also serves on Editorial Boards of several other journals, such as Requirements Engineering Journal, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, etc.

Peking University

Phone: 13601297439

Email: zhijin@pku.edu.cn

DVP term expires December 2021


Environment Modeling-based Requirements Engineering

This talk will introduce a systematic approach to identifying and modeling the requirements of software intensive systems from well-modeled environment simulation. In addition, it will provide a new view of software capability, i.e. effect-based software capability in terms of environment modeling. The ontologies for modeling software-intensive systems are described and the guidelines are provided for, showing how to conduct the identification of the functional and non-functional requirements based on the properties of the software’s surroundings. It will give system analysts and requirements engineers insight into how to recognize and structure problems in developing software-intensive systems.

Engineering Fine-grain Dependability Requirements

The widespread use of software systems in critical applications requires them to exhibit compelling evidence that their services satisfy certain dependability properties. Naturally, in such multi-faceted environments, dependability is inherently difficult to understand. The threads to software dependability come from both the environment in which the software operates and the software flaws. We need comprehensive approaches to deal with the challenges that inner or outer threads present. The foundation necessary to support such approaches is a sound solution that can help to identify, elicit, analyze, and specify the dependability requirements, and to make them explainable. This talk will propose a control-loop-based approach for systematic dependability requirements engineering.

How to Figure out a Competitive Research Project Proposal

This talk is about how to make a competitive research project proposal. It explains why a research project needs to be logical, systematical, rational, reasonable, and convincing. It suggests to prepare the proposal by following requirements engineering methodologies and process and shows how to make the proposal more competitive by establishing implicit logic between content. Many writing tips have been provided.


  • Environment Modeling-based Requirements Engineering
  • Engineering Fine-grain Dependability Requirements
  • How to Figure out a Competitive Research Project Proposal

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