Timothy J. Long

Award Recipient
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Timothy J. Long is an associate professor of computer and information science at Ohio State University. In the past decade, the Reusable Software Research Group at Ohio State (which Long co-directs) has developed RESOLVE, a conceptually robust and sound technology for the design, specification, implementation, verification, testing, and application of reusable software components. His current interests concern injection of the RESOLVE technology into the undergraduate curriculum through the design, development, installation, and evaluation of an integrated sequence of courses in software design and development, starting with the first programming course for computer science majors. His research concerns the technical content of this sequence and the pedagogically most effective methods for development of student skills and knowledge.

He holds a PhD in computer science from Purdue University (1978), an MS in computer and information science from Ohio State University (1974), and BS and BA degrees in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati (1972).


2000 Undergraduate Teaching Award

“For innovative work in the content and pedagogy of introductory computer science education, linking research in software engineering with educational delivery of the material taught in the introductory courses.”

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