Rick Kazman

2023-2025 Board of Governors
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Rick Kazman is the Danny and Elsa Lui Distinguished Professor of Information Technology Management at the University of Hawaii and a Visiting Researcher at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. His primary research interests are software architecture, design and analysis tools, software visualization, and technical debt. Kazman has been involved in the creation of several highly influential methods and tools for architecture analysis, including the ATAM (Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method) and the Titan and DV8 tools. He is the author of over 250 publications, co-author of three patents and eight books, including Software Architecture in Practice, Technical Debt: How to Find It and Fix It, Designing Software Architectures: A Practical Approach, Evaluating Software Architectures: Methods and Case Studies, and Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: The Software Challenge of the Future. His research methods and tools have been adopted by many Fortune 1000 companies and has been cited over 29,000 times, according to Google Scholar. He is currently a member of the IEEE Computer Society’s Board of Governors, an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and a member of the ICSE Steering Committee.

Kazman received a B.A. (English/Music) and MMath (Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo, an M.A. (English) from York University, and a Ph.D. (Computational Linguistics) from Carnegie Mellon University. How he ever became a software engineering researcher is anybody’s guess. When not architecting or writing about architecture, Kazman may be found cycling, singing acapella music, gardening, playing the piano, practicing Tae Kwon Do, or flying back and forth between Honolulu and Pittsburgh.

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