Nicolas Paez

2017–2019 Distinguished Speaker
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Nicolás Paez is a Software Engineer and graduated from University of Buenos Aires. He works in industry and also in academia as a teacher and researcher. He has more than 15 years of experience working in the industry where he currently helps organizations with the adoption of technical practices like Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Test Automation and Infrastructure as Code among others. He is also an active member of the Latin-American Agile Community. He has published a set of books and papers on Agile Software Development.

Twitter: @inicopaez

DVP term expires December 2019


Modern Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming is one of the most popular agile approaches to Software Engineering. A long time has passed since the first version of Extreme Programming was published. Many things have changed and new practices and tools have spread in the software development community. Specification by Example, Infrastructure as code, Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Mob programming are some of them. In this session we will see how these new practices have been adopted by teams practicing Extreme Programming. We will see them in actions using tools like Java, AngularJS, Git, Jenkins and some other popular technologies and tools. Session type: lecture (90 minutes) or workshop (6 hours)

From Legacy code to Continuous Delivery

Implementing Continuous Delivery when building a new application in a small start-up organisation is a straight forward task. But doing it with a legacy application that was built several years ago in a big enterprise is a very different challenge. You will have to deal with technical and also organisational concerns. In this session we will review the Continuous Delivery foundations and main challenges associated with them. We will analyze different patterns and strategies to implement it when you have a legacy application. Session type: lecture, 90 minutes

DevOps, myths and facts of a new paradigm

DevOps is one of the “hottest” terms today in the software development community. It is motivating several initiatives like conferences, books, podcast, research articles and different kinds of trainings. There are also some professionals defining themselves as DevOps. But what is it really about? Is DevOp a new role in IT teams? or is it a methodology? Is just about automation tools or is just a step beyond agile methods? In this session we will review and rethink the historical reasons that originated the DevOps paradigm. Session type: lecture, 90 minutes


  • Modern Extreme Programming
  • From Legacy code to Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps, myths and facts of a new paradigm

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