Michelle Thompson

2017-2019 Distinguished Speaker
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DVP term expires December 2019



Algorithmic composition of music

Algorithmic composition of music is a sweeping intersection between mathematics, information theory, asthetics, and artistry. The attempt to create music with computers that passes human muster has a long history dating back to the first computers. Current efforts include machine learning, deep learning, Markov chains, and biomimicry. Algorithms that replace human composers are controversial and not yet fully realized, but algorithms that assist human composers exist and are here to stay.

An Open Source protocol for amateur radio satellites

AMSAT stands for the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. After 47 years of steady success in launching and operating over 85 amateur radio satellites, AMSAT is taking a big step forward into microwave digital payloads at 5 and 10 GHz. Because of the increased complexity of digital microwave satellites, new radios must be developed for the ground. Phase 4 Ground is an all-volunteer open-source effort to bring a world- class DVB-protocol- based radio to life. Radios will range from do-it- yourself bespoke rigs to manufactured solutions. There are enormous and rewarding challenges and a wide variety of constraints and considerations. War stories abound.


  • Algorithmic composition of music
  • An Open Source protocol for amateur radio satellites

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