Kwabena Boateng

Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities
2024 Executive Committee
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Driven by a profound commitment to respect human dignity and enhance connection, collaboration, agency and autonomy, Kwabena Boateng stands out the intersection of technological innovation and dignified leadership. Aside his current role as Vice President for Member and Geographic Activities at IEEE Computer Society, Boateng also spearheads Quantized Fulfillment Technologies, a pioneering consultancy focused on System Safety, Machinery and Robotic Product Safety, IT and Sustainability. His passion for education and technology has led him to innovate on a cutting-edge EdTech startup, currently under wraps, that aims to revolutionize Robotics and AI education through immersive digital twin experiences in the metaverse, alongside advanced LLMs and physics-based simulations.

Boateng’s educational and professional journey began in Ghana, where he was educated at Akosombo International School and Achimota School, before relocating to the U.S. to pursue Electrical Engineering at Florida A&M University. His career trajectory has seen him in key leadership roles at Chevron and Amazon, where he was instrumental in spearheading major capital projects and advocating for the integration of system safety and trust in autonomous mobility and robotic systems, always with a focus on human-centered design.

Beyond his technical and leadership prowess, Boateng is deeply invested in fostering a global African Diaspora community. As the visionary founder and president of African Diaspora Nation, he is dedicated to promoting sustainable development, human capital development, and transnational leadership within Africa and its diaspora. Boateng’s multifaceted career is a testament to his ability to blend innovation with a deep-seated respect for humanity, making him a distinguished partner for tech leaders aspiring to reach their zenith while contributing positively to society.


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2024 Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities
2024 Executive Committee
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