Joseph Bumblis

Award Recipient
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Joseph “Joe” R. Bumblis is currently a Life Senior Member of the IEEE. In 2013, he retired from the University of Wisconsin–Stout (UW-S) after creating and teaching courses for the university’s new Computer and Electrical Engineering program. Prior to joining UW-S Joe held positions at BAE Systems, Purdue University, Systems Architecture at U S West, and several Adjunct Professor positions at the University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, and Metro State University where he designed and taught courses in software engineering and computer networking. Early in his engineering career he held positions at NCR, Dow Chemical, 3M and Control Data Corporation where he created unique solutions to engineering problems; including the integration a DEC PDP-11 with eight Intel 8080A microprocessor-based point of sale terminals at NCR. The PDP-11 served as a software development platform to control, load and debug 8080A assembly language code. This integration involved unique forms of remote DMA, assembly language presentation, and remote nth-occurrence breakpoint control.

Throughout his career Joe was active in IEEE, IEEE Computer Society (CS) and ASEE. He served on the IEEE Tellers Committee, CS TCCC Chair, IEEE*USA Committee on Information and Communication Policy, Vice Chair of TAB, first VP of the T & C Board, and Project Manager Technical Leaders Committee. He also participated in the Professional Practices Committee (PPC), and helped start Community of Interest activities under TAB. Finally, in an effort to help aspiring engineers Dr. Bumblis wrote an eBook for IEEE*USA chronicling his own journey in electrical and computer engineering (see: for a description).

In addition to IEEE, Joe was a member of the ANSI X3T12 (FDDI) Maintenance Committee. He was also an invited member of the ANSI X3T11 (Fibre Channel) Standards Activity where he contributed to the HIPPI/ATM Gateway Draft Standard: TR/X3.18-199x; Fibre Channel – 10-Bit Interface (1994). He was an invited participant in the NraD/AEGIS COTS I/O Working Group (1996).

Joe continues his retirement with his wife of 47 years Mary Kay. Together we have two children (Joe and Karen) and two grandchildren (Justin and Eric). During this time Joe earned his BSEE, MSMoT, and Doctorate in Information Technology.





2024 Richard E. Merwin Award for Distinguished Service
“For contributions to the electrical and computer engineering profession, IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, and academic excellence in computer networking and engineering education.”
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