Jon Rosdahl

VP, Standards Activities (2018 ExCom)
2018 Board of Governors
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Jon Rosdahl joined the Computer Society in 1989 and has worked on 802 standards for over 20 years. A Senior Member of the IEEE, Jon serves as the IEEE 802 Executive Committee’s Executive Secretary. He is the IEEE 802.11 1st Vice-Chair and the IEEE 802.11 Treasurer.

He has served on the IEEE-SA Standards board or subcommittees for 9 years, including serving as the 2014-2015 IEEE-SA Standards Board Vice-chair, the 2014-2015 ProCom Chair, and the 2011-2013 NesCom Chair.

He served as a member of the 2016 Communications Society Standards Development Board. He is employed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc. as an Engineer, Senior Staff.

Recent Volunteer Positions

Vice President, Standards Activities Board
2018 Executive Committee
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