Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda

Award Recipient
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Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda is a Professor and University Distinguished Scholar of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University. His research interests include parallel computer architecture, high-performance computing, high-performance networking, deep/machine learning, big data analytics, cloud computing, GPUs and accelerators, file Systems and storage, and exascale computing.

He has published over 500 papers in these areas. The MVAPICH2 (High-Performance MPI and PGAS over InfiniBand, Omni-Path, iWARP, RoCE, and EFA) libraries, designed and developed by his research group, are currently being used by more than 3,200 organizations worldwide (in 89 countries). More than 1.56M downloads of this software have taken place from the project’s site. This software is empowering several InfiniBand clusters (including the 4th, 13th, 26th, and 38th ranked ones) in the TOP500 list. MPI-driven solutions for providing high-performance and scalable deep learning for TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks are available from http://hidl.cse.ohio-state.edu. Solutions to accelerate Big Data applications are available from http://hibd.cse.ohio-state.edu.

Prof. Panda leads one of the recently funded NSF AI Institutes – ICICLE to design intelligent cyberinfrastructure for next-generation systems. Prof. Panda is an IEEE Fellow. More details about Prof. Panda.


2022 IEEE CS Charles Babbage Award
“For contributions to high performance and scalable communication in parallel and high-end computing systems.”
Learn more about the Charles Babbage Award