Antoni Kilinski

Award Recipient
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In 1948 Antoni worked in the central institutions of the Polish Army, and then also in the Military Technical Academy (WAT), where he headed the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering. During this time he also commissioned lectures at the Technical University of Wroclaw. In 1951 he was an independent contract worker at the Department of Communication Science University of Warsaw and took over the Chair of Radio, renamed in 1953 the Department of Telecommunications and Broadcasting Structures. After retiring from the army (1953) devoted himself entirely to work in the Warsaw Polytechnic. The Faculty of Communications LP organized studies in radio engineering equipment technology. Construction continues to he headed the Department of Telecommunication and Broadcasting, while organized Electronic Equipment Technology Department and became its first patron. Created at the Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Experimental Mathematics, whose task was to design and manufacture of electronic equipment in the novel at that time the production of digital electronic equipment used in the atomistics and electronic data processing. The Department also developed design and technology of electronic digital computers.


1996 Computer Pioneer Award
“For pioneering work in the construction of the first commercial computers in Poland, and for the development of university curriculum in computer science”
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