Amit Sheth

Award Recipient
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Prof. Amit Sheth (Home Page, LinkedIn) is an Educator, Researcher, and Entrepreneur. He is the founding director of the university-wide AI Institute (AIISC), NCR Chair & Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of South Carolina. He is a Fellow of IEEE, AAAI, AAAS, and ACM. His awards include IEEE TCSVC Research Innovation Award, Ohio State University Franklin College Alumni Research Excellence Award, and the Ohio Faculty Commercialization Award (runner-up). Key areas of his R&D contributions include federated databases, semantic information integration, distributed and adaptive workflows, Semantic Web including ontology or knowledge graph enhanced computing, semantic web services, semantic sensor web, semantic social networking, and in recent years, knowledge-infused learning for neuro-symbolic AI. He has (co-)founded four companies- three of them from licensing his academic research, including the first Semantic Search company in 1999 that pioneered technology similar to what was found in Knowledge Graph-driven Google Semantic Search around 2013, ezDI which developed knowledge-infused clinical NLP/NLU, and Cognovi Labs at the intersection of emotion and AI. He is particularly proud of the exceptional success of his >45 Ph.D. advisees and postdocs in academia, industry research, and as entrepreneurs.


2023 W. Wallace McDowell Award
“For pioneering and enduring contributions to information integration, data and service semantics, and knowledge-enhanced computing.”
Learn more about the W. Wallace McDowell Award