Adrian Stephens

Award Recipient
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Adrian Stephens is a management consultant, specializing in standards development. He was the IEEE 802.11 chair and a member of the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board. Stephens was also a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel where his job focus was on developing IEEE 802.11 standards.

He coordinated Intel’s MAC proposal for IEEE 802.11n and chaired both the TGnSync and Joint Proposal teams that generated a proposal. He has been chair of various IEEE 802.11 TGn committees and was technical editor of the IEEE 802.11n (High Throughput) amendment.

He was managing chair of a group of companies that successfully proposed an initial draft for the IEEE 802.11ac (Very High Throughput, < 6 GHz) amendment.

He was technical editor for the 2012 and 2016 revisions of IEEE Std 802.11.

Adrian also has over 20 years of product development and research experience working for industry and government. Before working for Intel, he was a Senior Director of Business Development at Mobilian Corp., specializing in Wireless LAN development and 802.11 standards work as well as editor of the BT SIG’s coexistence specification. Before that, he was at Symbionics Ltd (which became Cadence Design Services, then Tality) where he was head of software technology for Wireless and Multimedia design services. There, he was responsible for developing a successful 802.11 MAC software licensed product. He was product architect for Bluetooth™ and Hiperlan/1 developments, and technical editor of the HomeRF™ SWAP-CA standard for two years – taking it to successful release.

Adrian received a B.A. (1st Hons) in natural sciences (1974) and a Ph.D. in physics (1981), both from Cambridge University, UK. He is a senior member of the IEEE.


2019 Hans Karlsson Standards Award
For exemplary leadership of the 802.11 Wireless LAN Working Group and technical contributions to the 802.11 family of standards.
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