Cloud Computing In the Business Environment

Course Description:

Managers are often faced with having to decide if, and how to upgrade their IT infrastructure, and how to pay for it. In an environment of tight budgets and soaring hardware and software costs, they are also looking for alternatives to making huge investments that will have to be upgraded again and again. The Cloud can be that solution. Managers need information to make intelligent decisions however.

Questions pertaining to Cloud economics, security, regulation and governance, metrics and migration are introduced and discussed. In the final analysis, managers must be able to answer key questions – is the Cloud the right place for my IT infrastructure and data? Is it a good business decision? How do I migrate to the Cloud? This course introduces and discusses these and other key concepts.

Format: Asynchronous
Nominal duration: Self-paced Learning – Approximate Time: 90 minutes
Professional Development Hours (PDH) : 1.5
Continuing Education Credits (CEU) : 0.15

Module 1 – Introduction to the Cloud
Language of Cloud Computing
Provenance of Cloud Computing
Today’s Players in Cloud Computing
2 Quiz Questions

Module 2 – Economics of the Cloud
The Economics of the Cloud
Measuring Net Present Value, Benefit Ratios, Payback Periods
Where’s the Payback?
2 Quiz Questions

Module 3 – Migrating to the Cloud
How do you characterize your organization?
What are your mission critical systems?
Evolution or Big Bang?
2 Quiz Questions
Module 4 – Business of Cloud Security
Overview of principle security issues
What kind of data can be entrusted to the Cloud?
What kinds of data should not be entrusted to the Cloud?
2 Quiz Questions

Module 5 – Cloud Governance
Managing Regulation within the Cloud
2 Quiz Questions
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