IEEE Virtual Reality Academy Celebrates Inaugural Class of 2022 Inductees

Induction into the academy is a highly prestigious honor in the impactful field of virtual reality
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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 5 May 2022 – Forty-nine scholars and innovators have been inducted into the inaugural class of the IEEE Virtual Reality Academy.  Established in 2022 by the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Community (VGTC), the IEEE Virtual Reality Academy recognizes significant contributions and highlights the accomplishments of the leaders in the fast-growing virtual reality field.

“The IEEE Virtual Reality Academy honors the dedication and achievements of the inaugural class of inductees who are making an impact on the applications and future progress of virtual reality,” said James Ahrens, Chair of the IEEE VGTC.

The inaugural class includes the past (and this year’s) awardees of VR Lifetime Achievement and Technical Achievement Awards (37 members in all, since 1995) as well as those elected by the awards committee (12 members).    

 The 2022 IEEE Virtual Reality Academy Inductees are:

  • Michael Abrash (US)
  • Kurt Akeley (US)
  • Michael Antonov (US)
  • Ron Azuma (US)
  • Jeremy Bailenson (US)
  • Mark Billinghurst (New Zealand and Australia)
  • Mark Bolas (US)
  • Doug A. Bowman (US)
  • Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. (US)
  • Grigore Burdea (US)
  • Sabine Coquillart (France)
  • Carolina Cruz-Neira (US)
  • Thomas A. DeFanti (US)
  • Steven K. Feiner (US)
  • Scott Fisher (US)
  • Bernd Fröhlich (Germany)
  • Henry Fuchs (US)
  • Thomas A. Furness III (US)
  • Michitaka Hirose (Japan)
  • Larry F. Hodges (US)
  • Victoria Interrante (US)
  • Brendan Iribe (US)
  • Hirokazu Kato (Japan)
  • Kiyoshi Kiyokawa (Japan)
  • Gudrun Klinker (Germany)
  • Myron Krueger (US)
  • Jaron Lanier (US)
  • Brenda Laurel (US)
  • Anatole Lécuyer (France)
  • Ming C. Lin (US)
  • Bowen Loftin (US)
  • Benjamin Lok (US)
  • Palmer Luckey (US)
  • David P. Luebke (US)
  • Betty Mohler (Germany)
  • Qunsheng Peng (China)
  • Ramesh Raskar (US)
  • Jannick Rolland (US)
  • Lawrence J. Rosenblum (US)
  • Daniel Sandin (US)
  • Dieter Schmalstieg (Austria)
  • Mel Slater (Spain)
  • Anthony Steed (United Kingdom)
  • Ivan Sutherland (US)
  • Kay Stanney (US)
  • Susumu Tachi (Japan)
  • Gregory F. Welch (US)
  • Mary C. Whitton (US)
  • Michael Zyda (US)


All recipients were officially inducted at the award ceremony, during the opening session of the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality + 3D Interfaces (VR 2022) on Monday, March 14, held on Zoom.   Most of the inductees were present (on Zoom), including the first inductee, Ivan Sutherland, widely considered to be the founder of VR and the founder of the entire field of computer graphics. View the awards presentation here.

Nominations were based on the following criteria:

  • Cumulative and momentous contributions to research and/or developments
  • Broader influence on the field, the community, and on the work of others
  • Significant service and/or active participation in the community
  • Awardees of past VR Lifetime Achievement and Technical Achievement awards are included

The VGTC (Visualization and Graphics Technical Community) operates formally under the auspices of the Technical Activities Board of the IEEE Computer Society. The VGTC provides technical leadership and organization for technical activities in the areas of visualization, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, and interaction.

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