IEEE CS Honors 2021 Distinguished Contributors

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 23 March 2022 – The IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) announces the inaugural 2021 Class of Distinguished Contributors, which recognizes members for their technical contributions to the Computer Society and their profession at large.  

Established in 2021, the IEEE CS Distinguished Contributor Recognition Program is open to all IEEE CS members, including Affiliates, and is designed to recognize members’ contributions to the Computer Society as well as other accomplishments and achievements to the computing profession.  

“The Computer Society is proud to recognize the inaugural recipients of the Distinguished Contributor Recognition Program that was established during the 50th anniversary of the Society,” said Edward Addy, the chair of the Membership Awards and Recognition Committee.  “These awardees have demonstrated technical achievements and contributions that exemplify our goal of leading the global technical community and contributing to the development and application of technology to improve global conditions.  Each recipient has made a broad range of technical contributions during a decade or more of volunteer service within the Society.  Congratulations to each for this well-deserved recognition.”

Listed below are the names of the 2021 Class of IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributors. Those with a * denote Charter Members. These individuals, along with all Computer Society members who have earned the distinction of IEEE Fellow and those who have been awarded an IEEE Computer Society named Technical Award, who meet the minimum length of membership requirement, are also being recognized as IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributors.

The 2021 inaugural Class of Distinguished Contributors:

Abielmona, Rami*
Aboulnaga, Ashraf
Addy, Edward
Ahn, Jung Ho
Bagchi, Saurabh*
Bailey, James
Bass, Julian
Behmann, Fawzi*
Berghel, Hal*
Binder, Robert
Bondurant, David
Bouguettaya, Athman*
Bresenham, Jack
Calheiros, Rodrigo
Cano, Jeimy
Charalampos, Patrikakis
Chrysanthis, Panos
Clausen, Thomas
Cuadros-Vargas, Ernesto*
Cummings, Roger
Dimopoulos, Nikitas
Donoso Meisel, Yezid Enrique*
Douglis, Fred*
Duarte, Carlos Henrique Cabral*
Ebert, David*
Elster, Anne*
Fahmy, Hossam M.A.*
Frailey, Dennis*
Fraser, Steven
Gaudiot, Jean-Luc*
Gezelter, Robert*
Goel, Sandeep
Gray, Jeff
Groner, Gabriel
Gurumurthi, Sudhanva
Harrod, Peter
Heaton, Jeff Heaton
Helal, Sumi*
Hinds, Chris N.
Jaatun, Martin Gilje
Jabbbar, Meerja Akhil
Jin, Zhi*
Jin, Zhi
Jorge, Joaquim Armando Pires
Kadry, Seifedine*
Kaiser, Gail*
Kassim, Mohamed Rawidean Mohd*
Katz, Daniel
Khan, Samee
Kuo, Sy-Yen*
Kursh, Steven
Lea, Perry*
Leeser, Miriam*
Lefurgy, Charles
Leung, Carson K.
Lindstrom, Peter
Liu, Ling*
Lomet, David*
Lorkowski, Joe
Lutz, David
Mancl, Dennis
McMillin, Bruce*
Membrey, Peter
Mercuri, Rebecca
Milenkovic, Milan
Miller, Gloria J.
Mitra, Tulika*
Morreale, Patricia
Mountain, David
Mueller, Gary
Murugesan, San*
Naef, Martin
Nikolopoulos, Dimitrios
Ogiela, Marek
Onwubiko, Cyril*
Ozdemir, Hasan Timucin
Paez, Nicholas*
Parhami, Behrooz*
Patel, Nita*
Paulk, Mark*
Peddie, Jon*
Pederson, Torben Bach
Piccardi, Massimo
Poellabauer, Christian
Popescu, Elvira*
Proeller, George*
Qiu, Meikang*
Quintana, Yuri*
Raghavan, Sridhar
Rahman, M Sohel*
Reisman, Sorel*
Rong, Chunming*
Sangwan, Raghvinder
Shukla, Sandeep Kumar*
Shyu, Mei-Ling*
Simmhan, Yogesh
Smith, Reid
Sood, Daman Dev
Soomro, Tariq*
Soomro, Tariq
Sousa, Leonel*
Spinellis, Diomidis*
Sridharan, Vilas
Thapliyal, Himanshu
Tripathi, Anand*
Vaidyanathan, Ramachandran
van Hemert, Jano
van Steen, Maarten*
Walz, John
Washizaki, Hironori*
Whitmire, Scott
Wolfe, Andrew
Wondolowski, Mike
Xu, Jiang*
Youn, Chan-Hyun
Yusoff, Fakhrul*
Zahran, Mohamed
Zanero, Stefano*
Zima, Hans
Ziv, Avi

Applicants were evaluated on contributions made in the following areas:

  • Awards and keynotes
  • Publications
  • Standards, patents, working groups, and government advisory
  • Presentations
  • Tutorials and training
  • Change management, corporate contributions, and [other] engineering

Key Dates for 2022 Submission:

  • Applications Open: 16 August 2022
  • Application Deadline: 15 October 2022
  • Applicants Notified: Mid December

For more information on the program, visit the Distinguished Contributors page. The Distinguished Contributor Program is a recognition program and is not an IEEE member grade.  Please contact for more information.

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