Computer Magazine Seeks EIC for 2020-2022

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 27 February 2019 – The IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) seeks applicants for the position of editor in chief for Computer magazine, serving a three-year term starting 1 January 2020.

Prospective candidates are asked to provide a PDF file containing:

  1. A letter of institutional/employer support for this editorship, should the position be offered.
  2. A plan or vision statement that details the prospective course of action that the applicant projects to take with respect to the publication. This plan shall include:
    1. the applicant’s perspective of the publication including challenges and opportunities,
    2. the tasks of the EIC to meet the challenges and to exploit the opportunities,
    3. the objective milestones associated with the intermediate and final accomplishment of these tasks,
    4. the projected schedules for the accomplishment of these milestones,
    5. the projected organization which will accomplish these tasks, and
    6. the funding requirements to accomplish these tasks.
  3. A complete curriculum vitae, including publications and editorial experience.

The deadline is 1 April 2019.

For more information on the search process and to submit application materials, please contact

Candidates for any IEEE CS editor in chief position should possess a good understanding of industry, academic, and government aspects of the specific publication’s field. In addition, candidates must demonstrate the managerial skills necessary to process manuscripts through the editorial cycle in a timely fashion. An editor in chief must be able to attract respected experts to his or her editorial board. Major responsibilities include

  • actively soliciting high-quality manuscripts from potential authors and, with support from publication staff, helping these authors get their manuscripts published;
  • identifying and appointing editorial board members, with the concurrence of the Publications Board;
  • selecting competent manuscript reviewers, with the help of editorial board members, and managing timely reviews of manuscripts;
  • directing editorial board members to seek special-issue proposals and manuscripts in specific areas;
  • providing a clear, broad focus through promotion of personal vision and guidance where appropriate; and
  • resolving conflicts or problems as necessary.

Applicants should possess recognized expertise in the computer science and engineering community, and must have clear employer support.


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