Machine Learning at TechIgnite

Leading experts from Netflix, Google, Cray, IBM, and more examine machine learning and AI
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Los Alamitos, Calif., 8 March 2017 — Will your next co-worker be a machine? Can a machine do a better job than you can in recommending a movie? The enormous impact of machine learning/deep learning on every aspect of life will highlight one of the leading-edge technology tracks at TechIgnite, presented by IEEE Computer Society, the two-day conference on the trends, threats, and truth behind technology on 21–22 March 2017, in Burlingame, CA.

“The promise is here,” says Matt Denesuk, chief data science officer of “Machine learning and deep learning have become today’s ‘sexy’ jobs. But how real is the promise of advanced software defined machines that offer much greater effectiveness and productivity resulting in increased global output?”

At TechIgnite, Denesuk uses real-world examples from companies on the leading edge to show what technologies, strategy, and talent are needed.

IBM’s CTO for IoT, Sky Matthews, added, “Cognitive computing enables us to interact with machines using natural language. The impact on industry and society is as immense as the first phase of IoT revolution that already has millions of devices connected. We’re using analytics to sift through volumes of data and obtain insights and improve business processes.”

Tony Jebara, director of machine learning at Netflix, will be speaking on machine learning for recommendation and personalization. In a recent interview, Jebara said, “I’m excited to see how deep learning can help in recommendation, personalization, and search. So far, we’ve seen deep learning solve tasks that humans are already good at, such as vision, speech recognition, gaming, or natural language processing. But humans are notoriously bad at recommending content or items to their friends. We think aspirationally rather than realistically; we recommend a high-brow documentary that sounds intellectual rather than what our friends really would rather watch. I’m excited to see how deep learning can anticipate these biases and preferences and help us each optimize our entertainment, our disposable time, and our everyday life in general” (

Danny Lange, vice president of AI and machine learning at Unity Technologies and former head of Uber’s machine learning and AI, says, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence are quickly changing our world. A future in which the use of autonomous, smart machines will have the ability to depend on human partners. Machines and devices in the industrial, business, and consumer product world will soon have the intelligence to request support from humans and human-managed businesses.”

Also speaking on the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tracks at TechIgnite is Peter Ungaro, president and CEO of Cray, who will discuss “The Convergence of Machine Learning, Big Data and Supercomputing,” as well as John Havens, executive director of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems, who will address “Ethics is the New Green — How Values-Driven AI Will Evolve Progress for the Algorithmic Era.”

At TechIgnite, these and many other of the industry’s leading experts in all aspects of emerging technology will take on the trends and threats tech executives and professionals need to know about. They join Steve Wozniak and Grady Booch, who will share insights at fireside chats with attendees.