IEEE-CS Sponsors IEEE and IEEE-SA’s New Project Defining Model Processes for Addressing Ethical Concerns During System Design

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 20 September 2016 – IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) announced the initiation of a new standards project, IEEE P7000™. The IEEE P7000 working group intends to define a process model by which engineers and technologists can address ethical consideration throughout the various stages of system initiation, analysis and design. IEEE P7000 will allow manufacturers, engineers and technologists to examine ethical concerns from the onset of system design that can best ensure the development of values-based products and services. The newly announced project, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, demonstrates IEEE’s strong engagement in explicitly advancing technology for humanity.

“It is time to move beyond fear regarding new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and to champion standards development that prioritizes ethical considerations in the design and manufacture of products and services leveraging modern technology,” said Konstantinos Karachalios, managing director for IEEE-SA. “IEEE is uniquely positioned to play a leadership role in ensuring that ethics are a prime consideration in technological design and development. IEEE P7000 demonstrates our commitment in this area, and we appreciate the efforts of those whose ongoing work is bringing these projects to fruition.”

“With emerging technologies rapidly advancing in areas such as big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, ethics plays an important role in fueling technology’s long term success,” said Angela Burgess, executive director, IEEE Computer Society. “Our sponsorship of the new standards project represents the powerful alignment of our organizations to ensure the positive outcome of this potentially influential ethics project.”

Approval of the IEEE P7000 standards project follows the April announcement of The Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems, an IEEE-SA Industry Connections (IC) Program that identifies needs and builds consensus for standards, certifications and codes of conduct regarding the ethical implementation of intelligent technologies. IEEE P7000 is the first standard project recommended by the Global Initiative based on their work.

“By establishing values-driven methodologies at the front-end of the design processes, technologists can now better advance product development in line with the ethical concerns of end users,” said Sarah Spiekermann, a lead developer of IEEE P7000 and professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

The IEEE P7000 Working Group will have its first meeting at IEEE in Piscataway, N.J. on 16 September 2016, with registrants able to participate online. To contribute to the groundbreaking project, please visit the IEEE P7000 Web page.

For more information, or to become an Initiative member, please visit The Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems website.