Institute for Information Industry Reaches MoU with IEEE Computer Society and Becomes Global Partner

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 01 September 2016 – Today, IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) and Industry for Information Industry (III) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Global Partner Program (GPP). Under the agreement III will promote the training and certification programs of IEEE CS with the aim to serve information industry and academic institutes in Taiwan. Both IEEE CS and III commit themselves to the promotion of professional IT certifications such as cloud services, cyber security, software engineering, and IoT.

Mr. Andy Chen, the IEEE CS Vice President, Professional and Educational Activities Board, recognized the Asia Pacific region as one of the key areas for IEEE Computer Society’s worldwide expansion.Andy commented, “IEEE CS membership has seen tremendous growth in Asia Pacific and our educational partner program has also been expanding.  IEEE CS is very excited to add III, one of the leading ICT professional training and certification organization to its Global Partner program, and we look forward to further expanding our global network in Taiwan.”

Dr. Gary Gong, the Executive VP of III has emphasized the unparalleled digital modules, in terms of the quality, availability and diversity, provided by IEEE CS. “Being the GPP for IEEE CS, will drive our professional skills and we are more confident to provide well sounded services to our clients,” said Dr. Gong. “The mutual cooperation between us also helps expand Taiwan talents’ horizon and better seize the most advanced technology in the international community. Ultimately, we can earn our competitiveness in the ever evolving business environment.”

Dr. Jinn-Bao Lee, the Vice President and Director General said, “ICT technologies evolve every day, and disruptive innovation has been continuously changing the landscape of ICT training. III constantly wants to elevate our ICT level to reach the top. Thanks to this MoU, IEEE CS can offer the best ICT training materials to III, such that III can in turn offer the courses based on IEEE CS materials to benefit the local professionals. Better yet, the IEEE CS certification program opens the door to international employment opportunities. This will certainly bring new life and new opportunities to Taiwan ICT professionals.’

The IEEE CS education modules include both fundamental and top-trend courses. The fundamental courses based on the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) focus on the career oriented skills such as software development, testing, maintenance and management; the top-trend courses address such competitiveness driven training topics, including Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Internet of Things. The program also provides professional certification for the trainees.

Currently, both IEEE CS and III are contacting NTUEE, the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, for the possible collaboration extending to university campus, such that both III and NTUEE can offer the computer hardware and software integrated courses using IEEE CS materials to the students. These agreements can be expected to be signed soon.

III has drawn up a roadmap to bring the education (both online training and lectures) and certification resources to their partners. III is also scheduled to work with the government further bringing these professional resources to the public. Promoting these programs to overseas, including Vietnam, Malaysia and the South East Asia is III‘s long term plan.