IEEE Computer Society Introduces ComputingEdge

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 31 March 2015 — IEEE Computer Society, the community for technology leaders, has launched a complimentary monthly digest, ComputingEdge, that features content from all 13 leading Computer Society magazines curated into a single publication to help readers stay up to speed on the latest developments in computer science, including technology advances, social issues, new theories and new applications.

Each month, ComputingEdge brings readers informative, insightful, and engaging articles that appeal to a broad range of interests, with a special emphasis on timely work from the Computer Society magazine portfolio. In addition, ComputingEdge features original articles, a careers section with job listings, and a special theme each month. The publication content bridges the gap between today’s technological achievements and tomorrow’s unexplored possibilities through pieces by visionary editorial and subject matter experts who are dedicated to uncovering, investigating, testing, and improving the industry knowledgebase.

“ComputingEdge provides a representative sample of recent research, insight, and opinion from the full spectrum of Computer Society magazines,” said Evan Butterfield, Director of Products and Services, IEEE Computer Society. “And because the association’s publications portfolio recently moved to primarily digital delivery, the compilation also serves to highlight the outstanding content that’s available to subscribers online via computer, tablet, or other device.”

ComputingEdge is delivered in print format within North America, and with digital delivery internationally. To sign up and view a sample issue, visit

IEEE Computer Society produces 13 peer-reviewed technical magazines and 20 scholarly journals for researchers and, as well as over 200 conferences and events.