Special Circumstances
IEEE Computer Society realizes that economic circumstances may impact some members’ ability to pay dues in full. For this reason, the following special circumstances are available to IEEE Computer Society members. At this time, these reductions are not available to Affiliate members. Only one category may be claimed in any year.

Minimum Income

Mmbers that can certify that their prior year’s income did not exceed US$15,300, or equivalent, are granted a 50% reduction in Computer Society dues, as well as IEEE membership dues, regional assessments, and their optional publications. Written certification must be submitted along with application and payment.

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Retired Members

Retired members, not gainfully employed and not qualifying for Life Member status, on attaining the age of 62 years, may apply for a 50% reduction in Computer Society dues, along with IEEE membership dues and assessments and optional publication fees.

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A 50% reduction in Computer Society Dues, IEEE membership dues, assessments, and optional subscriptions is available to members and applicants who inform the IEEE Operations Center office that they:

(1) have become involuntarily unemployed and are seeking reemployment, or

(2) have become voluntarily unemployed for reasons of raising children.

A statement of continued unemployment shall be provided with each annual dues payment. In the case of voluntary unemployment, the provisions of this bylaw shall not exceed four years. Reduced payments may not be made in installments.

Call 1 (800) 678-4333 to take advantage of this option.

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