Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Certificate Program

SWEBOK Certificate Program

Bridge the gap between college and industry

Designed for emerging markets like India and China, the IEEE Computer Society SWEBOK Certificate Program (SCP) is intended to help college students and graduates bridge the gap between their educations and careers. The SCP is based on the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge SWEBOK), the authoritative resource for software engineering best practices and knowledge.

Those pursuing SWEBOK certificates will receive:

An introduction to all 15 SWEBOK knowledge areas

A choice of 4 learning modules–Software Foundations, Software Management, Software Development, and Software Professional Practices–each with 25 hours of instruction

The ability to obtain a certificate for each learning module–or all 4.

What will I learn in each module?

Software Foundations

  • Computing Foundations
  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Engineering Foundations

Software Development

  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Construction

Software Life Cycle Management

  • Maintenance
  • Configuration Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Engineering Process

Software Professional Practices

  • Engineering Economics
  • Quality
  • Engineering Methods
  • Professional Practices

Note: The SWEBOK Certificate Program is currently not offered in the US.

Training companies: Interested in becoming a Registered Education Provider?

Contact Pramod Puttamadaiah Sales Manager – Global Business Development – India IEEE Computer Society at for details.


Whether you’re a student, graduate, professional, employer, or college or university, the SWEBOK Certificate Program can benefit you. It’s easy to get started.

Just contact Registered Education Provider in your region. Find a Software Engineering Certified Instructor.


  • Bridge the gap between your educational experience and real-world work requirements
  • Verify understanding of software engineering principles

Colleges & Universities

  • Help prepare your students for industry by providing a solid foundation in software development practices.


  • Shorten your training cycle and quickly increase your contribution
  • Demonstrate your commitment and professionalism


  • Reduce new-hire training cycle
  • Protect your investment in a competent and proficient workforce
  • Find an SCP holder.


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