IEEE Intelligent Systems Special Issue Proposal Guidelines

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IEEE Intelligent Systems Special Issue Proposals

IEEE Intelligent Systems’ special issues (SIs) are essential for providing timely coverage of emerging areas in AI research, technology, and engineering. We cultivate and solicit SI proposals from senior researchers and recognized experts who act as guest editors (GEs) for the SI.

Please read the IEEE Computer Society’s Guest Editor Guidelines for detailed information on GE responsibilities and SI workflows. Additionally, please review the following information specific to IEEE Intelligent Systems.

IEEE Intelligent Systems GEs should be recognized experts or leaders with a strong publication record in the proposed area. A GE team must include:

  • Two to four GEs who are all at different institutions and have tenure (if on tenure track);
  • One GE to serve as lead, acting as correspondent for staff and the editorial board;
  • At least one GE who is currently on IEEE Intelligent Systems’ editorial board; and
  • At least one GE who has prior editorial experience.

All SI proposals are submitted to the IEEE Intelligent Systems editorial board for evaluation. Evaluation will be completed within three months of submission.

The SI proposal should include the following:

  1. Description: Provide a summary of the topic’s importance and timeliness.
  2. Potential contributors: Although the topic is emerging, a level of maturity and availability of adequate work are essential, or the SI risks having a low number of submissions. Thus, a list of key R&D groups or established individuals working in the area should be provided, along with an assessment of the number of expected submissions.
  3. GE information: Provide a one-page biosketch describing qualifications, publications, and leadership in the area for each GE, with an indication of who will be lead GE. Each proposal must include the person from the IEEE Intelligent Systems’ editorial board who will serve as GE, along with an indication of whether he or she has agreed to serve in this role. (See section below.)
  4. Preliminary call for papers (CFP): At the proposal stage, a preliminary CFP draft (one page) is required.
  5. Publicity and promotion: Describe specific plans for promoting and publicizing the SI and CFP.

To submit a proposal, please contact