CLOSED Call for Papers: AI and FinTech

IEEE Intelligent Systems seeks submissions for an upcoming special issue
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Submissions Due: 11 September 2019

Paper submission: CLOSED
Final decision: 31 January 2020
Camera-ready paper due: 14 February 2020
Publication: May/June 2020

Finance has been one of the most active domains with increasingly bigger data, faster innovations, and more prosperous applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, including algorithmic trading, cryptocurrency, blockchains, P2P lending, digital and mobile payments, digital assets, crowdfunding, robo-advising, and regtech transformation. AI and data science are driving new-generation financial technology (FinTech), which profoundly disrupts existing theories of money, investment, credit, market, and regulation and empowers new-generation financial innovations, products, services, operations, processes, and ecosystems. This special issue on AI and FinTech will collect the latest advancements in FinTech driven by advanced AI and data science that model complex interactions and relations, and their dynamics and impact on big financial data analytics and complex financial behaviors across financial markets, products, systems, and networks, as well as enable smart financial innovations, services, markets, operations, processes, products, and regulation and risk management.

Scope of Interest:

The special issue will solicit the recent theoretical and practical advancements in AI and FinTech including:

  • Data fusion and digital gene construction in big financial systems and data
  • Representation learning of complex financial and socio-economic problems and networks
  • Modeling complex relations, dependencies, interactions, and networking in finance
  • Modeling regional and global financial activities, behaviors, events, and their impact and risk
  • Cross-market, product, indicator, platform and network modelling, hologram and risk analysis
  • Modeling natural, online, social, economic, cultural, and political factors in finance
  • Modeling financial scenarios, emergence, uncertainty, and ill- to un-structured systemic risk
  • Novel theories and tools for digital assets and their valuation, risk analysis, and management
  • New blockchain theories and tools for cryptocurrency, digital asset pricing, trading, mechanism design, smart contract, open banking, and investment
  • Innovation in credit loans and risk genes for SMEs and individual financing
  • Innovations in P2P lending, crowdfunding, robo-advising, digital payment, and dynamic credit rating and asset pricing
  • Other important aspects, issues, and progress associated with both AI and FinTech

All submissions must comply with the IEEE Intelligent Systems’ submission guidelines and will be reviewed by research peers.  The schedule is as follows:

Paper submission: 11 September 2019
First round of reviews: 8 November 2019
Revision due: 10 January 2020
Final decision: 31 January 2020
Camera-ready paper due: 14 February 2020
Publication: May/June 2020


Inquiries about this special issue can be sent to the Guest Editors at