CLOSED Call for Papers: Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Science and Engineering [CFP]

CiSE seeks submissions for an upcoming special issue.
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Submissions Due: 1 September 2019

Submission deadline: CLOSED
Publication: May/June 2020

This is a call for papers for an upcoming special issue of Computing in Science & Engineering to be published in May/June 2020. Affordable consumer-quality virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) hardware and software tools are just becoming available, but significant research is needed to adapt VR and AR for important and difficult scientific and engineering applications such as telepresence, medicine, education and training, manufacturing, service, and maintenance. VR and AR applications enable scientists and engineers to experience being in environments that are otherwise hard, impossible, or too costly to visit in person. Examples of such applications include those that NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has developed for immersive exploration of places deep in the ocean, to distant stars and galaxies. As another example, VR and AR are augmenting surgery, and educating and training medical professionals. Next-generation VR and AR will transform the way people from all walks of life see and use information in an intuitive, embodied way, fundamentally altering how societies explore, innovate, learn, train, and work.In this special issue of CiSE, we invite you to submit papers on your virtual reality and mixed/augmented reality applications that are transforming scientific analysis, exploration, discovery, and advances in science and engineering. Topics of interest include use of AR and VR for

  • immersive analytics;
  • high-impact applications in science and engineering;
  • smart manufacturing, service, and maintenance;
  • immersive STEM education;
  • healthcare and medicine;
  • telepresence and telework;
  • immersive and collaborative CAD; and
  • social VR and AR

Submission Guidelines

Please submit electronically through to Scholar One Manuscripts by 1 September 2019, selecting the special-issue option “Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Science and Engineering.”

When preparing your manuscript, please see the CiSE-specific author guidelines and the general author guidelines. Manuscripts should not exceed 7,200 words—including all main body, abstract, keyword, bibliography, biography, and table text—and 20 references. Each table and figure counts for 300 words. Articles should be understandable by a broad audience of computer science and engineering professionals, avoiding a focus on theory, mathematics, jargon, and abstract concepts. Accepted papers will be lightly edited for grammar and formatting.


Contact the guest editors at

Nargess Memarsadeghi, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Amitabh Varshney, University of Maryland at College Park