CLOSED: Call for Papers: Special Issue on Quantum Positioning, Navigation, Timing & Synchronization

Computer seeks submissions for this upcoming special issue.
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Submissions Due: 15 January 2024

Important Dates

  • DEADLINE EXTENDED: 15 January 2024
  • Publication: September 2024

At the dawn of the second quantum revolution, a new frontier in computing, communications, and measurements emerges, which will radically change the entire technological landscape. Quantum ideas, over next few decades and beyond, will be exploited to more completely understand natural systems and ultimately to create unnatural quantum states of our own design. These include new, artificial atoms, as well as quantum-coherent or -entangled states of matter and energy; and such advances will lead to a wide range of quantum engineering applications. 

Successful technological applications rely on high-precision measurements, and a novel quantum-enhanced metrology will deliver a paradigm shift in the underlying principles governing precise measurement of time and space. Several quantum or quantum-inspired platforms–ranging from coherent quantum electronics, to lasers and quantum photonics—have been proposed, and are under active investigation both theoretically and experimentally. With the incredible promise of quantum technologies, it’s challenging to comprehensively review and compare the latest breakthroughs, model and theory designs, algorithms, and experiments related to Quantum Positioning, Navigation, Timing, and Synchronization.  

This special issue seeks to present timely collection of original contributions on quantum technologies, including:

  • quantum light navigation for precision geolocation
  • position navigation and timing via exploitation of quantum entangled states 
  • precision quantum photonic oscillators for timing applications
  • precise clock distribution and remote synchronization 
  • quantum light navigation for precision geolocation 
  • quantum-enhanced sensing
  • quantum key distribution

Submission Guidelines

For author information and guidelines on submission criteria, visit the Author’s Information page. Please submit papers through the ScholarOne system  and be sure to select the special issue or special section name. Manuscripts should not be published or currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Please submit only full papers intended for review, not abstracts, to the ScholarOne portal. If requested, abstracts should be sent by email to the guest editors directly.


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